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International Students & Programs Office Contacts

International Students & Programs Office (ISPO) Staff

  • Dulce Dorado

    Dulce Dorado

    Director of International Students & Programs Office
    Associate Director of the International Center

    As the Director of the International Students & Programs Office, Dulce Dorado enjoys helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. She received her bachelor's degree in Political Science and minor in Japanese Studies from UC San Diego. Dulce’s career in international education has included teaching English at a public high school in Japan on the Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) Program, advising undergraduate students wanting to study abroad, and advising international students both in university and English language program settings. She encourages students to share their culture and language with fellow classmates so everyone can benefit from the cultural exchange and dialog. When away from the office, Dulce enjoys taking pictures and hiking the local terrain with her family. She loves the feeling of accomplishment when she reaches the peak and looks out onto the beautiful scenery.

  • Tricia Chan-Schueler

    Tricia Chan-Schueler

    Assistant Director of International Student Services

    As the Assistant Director of International Student Services, Tricia Chan-Schueler enjoys getting to meet so many different people from diverse backgrounds. Tricia received a B.A. in Anthropology from Scripps College and a Masters in International Education from NYU. While attending college she was able to study abroad in Beijing, China and Sussex, England. With her experience abroad, Tricia is able to easily relate to being in a foreign place. She encourages students to be proactive. “Don’t wait until last minute, plan ahead. Take advantage of the benefits that comes with being an international student. Do some traveling and enjoy life, but don’t forget about studies. Create a balance to get the most out of your stay.” When not working or spending time with her coworkers, Tricia loves running around Mission Bay. She also enjoys sewing, although she claims that she is not very good.

  • Miranda Conway

    Miranda Conway

    Office Manager

    Miranda is a UC San Diego alumna who graduated with a B.A. in Linguistics. As office manager, Miranda keeps the office organized and running efficiently and has a desire to help international students find their place at UC San Diego. She enjoys communicating with international students and ensuring that their needs are met. Miranda’s advice to international students and visitors in general is to try to connect with others by initiating communication, even if it seems difficult or intimidating. "Although you may not get the response you were hoping for," she says, "the reward of reaching out is priceless." In her free time, Miranda enjoys reading at La Jolla Coves, exploring different San Diego neighborhoods, and staying up to date on international and domestic politics.

  •  Barry Fass-Holmes, Ph.D.

    Barry Fass-Holmes, Ph.D.

    Analytical Studies Coordinator

    As Analytical Studies coordinator, Barry conducts analytical studies on international students' academic progress, engagement, and satisfaction. With a bachelors, masters and doctorate in Psychology, plus a background in public education, Barry has an interest in contributing to the improvement of students’ academic achievement. “I’m impressed and amazed by how international students perform so well here at UC San Diego. Students know so many languages.” During Barry’s free time, his activities include philanthropy, volunteer work, cycling, tennis and animals

  • Graciela Casas-Silva

    Graciela Casas-Silva

    International Student Advisor

    Born in Chula Vista, Grace is a native San Diegan with a BA in International Relations from Stanford University. She previously worked with the International Center as an intern in 2010, while pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership at University of San Diego. Currently, Grace works as an International Student Advisor, doing initial advising, publication, and communications. She would like every international visitor to know that she is here to help them with whatever they need to feel supported throughout their UCSD experience: “No question is too small". Aside from being an advisor, Grace is a passionate traveler. Having already spent time in the North America, South America and Europe, she looks forward to venturing through Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well. As a San Diego local, Grace enjoys surfing in the Pacific, hiking, strolling through Balboa Park, and yoga.

  • Gabriela Hoffmann

    Gabriela Hoffmann

    International Student Advisor
    International Triton Transition Program (ITTP) Coordinator

    A Southern California native, Gabriela Hoffmann received her undergraduate degree in history from UC Riverside and a Master’s degree in European Studies from the University College London. She really enjoys the interactive element of her job and helping students navigate through the ins and outs of life here as an international student. She recommends that international students get involved in the local community and UC San Diego campus as much as they can. It will hugely benefit their time abroad and will lead to life-long friendships. Gabi’s international experiences are many. She has lived in South Korea, Japan, England, and southern Austria. Although fairly new to San Diego, the Torrey Pines Glider Port is her favorite place to be. The views of the ocean are stunning, and she finds it exhilarating watching the gliders take off from the edge of the cliffs. In her free time, Gabi really enjoys hiking and walking, especially around Torrey Pines.

  • Laura Page

    Laura Page

    International Student Advisor

    Laura Page is a UCSD alumna with a degree in Sociology and a MBA in Business. When Laura was a student here, she studied abroad for a year at McGill University in Montreal. She has travelled to many areas in Canada, France, and Italy. With a desire to work with and assist students from all around the world, Laura advises international students with regard to their initial questions and informs them of the many available resources at UCSD. You may see Laura around San Diego, snorkeling at La Jolla Coves, walking through the Gaslamp Quarter, hiking in Torrey Pines, buying produce at Little Italy’s Mercato or swimming at the beach in the summer with her family. Laura’s message to visitors in San Diego is that there is a multitude of resources available for almost anything they would like to do here at UCSD and in San Diego. “Don’t be afraid to ask or to get involved!”

  • Ricky Paniagua

    Ricky Paniagua

    Intake Advisor

    Originally from the San Francisco Mission District, Ricky grew up equally between San Francisco and San Diego and calls both of them home. His background is in Sociology and Administrative Office Management and he has held various positions over the course of his career including Registrar and Director of Student Services. As the Intake Advisor, he assists in the implementation of International Student Services ensuring that student's experiences abroad are met with efficiency, professionalism and a friendly welcome to the US education system. He reminds students it takes courage to study abroad, remembering that they should feel proud of already taking the first steps toward a life changing experience. He has traveled to Canada, Mexico and 40 of the 50 states. Aware that one of the benefits of living in San Diego is the weather, he often finds ways to be outdoors, be it sitting in Balboa Park and enjoying a good read, to entertaining guests with an outdoor themed event. He also enjoys writing and participates yearly in National Novel Writing Month.

  • Hannah Reese

    Hannah Reese

    International Student Advisor
    Triton International Leaders Program Coordinator 
    Discover San Diego Program Coordinator

    Hannah Reese is a UC San Diego alum, having received her Master of Pacific International Affairs (MPIA) from UCSD’s School of International Relations & Pacific Studies. She has been involved with international education beginning as an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and believes that international education fosters cross-cultural understanding and increased intercultural communication. Hannah’s skills and her interest in making resources available to those who need them, as well as organizing events and programs, serve her well in her role as an International Student Advisor and also the lead of the Triton International Leaders.

  • Carol Robertson

    Carol Robertson

    International Student Advisor

    With a B.S. in Spanish and Psychology from Dickinson College and a Masters in Education in Counseling and Psychology from the University of Southern California, Carol Robertson enjoys interacting with International students. Having studied abroad in Spain, Carol knows what it feels like to be in a foreign country. As an International Student Advisor interacting with students and helping them reach their goals is one of her favorite things about the job. Carol encourages students to get involved in as many activities as possible while on campus. In her spare time Carol enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family.

  • Ruby Rosas

    Ruby Rosas

    International Student Advisor

    Having moved around extensively for much of her childhood, Ruby Rosas knows what it’s like being in an environment totally different from what she’s used to. It was not until college that Ruby set down her roots in San Diego where she attended Southwestern Junior College. After a couple years she transferred to UC San Diego where she earned her B.A. in Literatures in English. With her experience of traveling and being a student at UCSD, Ruby has a clear view on the student perspective. As an International Student Advisor Ruby has the chance to help guide new students to success during their stay in San Diego. “Get out of your comfort zone. Make new friends outside of your race, culture, and major.” In her free time Ruby enjoys watching television and taking pictures.

  • Lisa Swid

    Lisa Swid

    International Student Advisor
    Mission Possible Program Coordinator 
    International Triton Trekkers Program Coordinator

    With a B.A. in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara and two Master’s degrees; one in Conflict Studies & Human Rights from Utrecht University and the second in Middle Eastern History from Tel Aviv University, Lisa Swid takes joy in serving as a point of contact for those who are new to the U.S. and to our community.  As an International Student Advisor and SARC Outreach Assistant, Lisa brings her five years of experience living abroad, along with her love of all things international to her role, serving as a bridge between the International Students & Programs Office and the Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center.  Having traveled to more than 20 countries outside of the U.S., Lisa brings her experience of feeling new and sometimes lost or out of place, to her daily interactions with international students. With her compassionate nature, she welcomes students to approach her with any questions or concerns they might have. In her free time, Lisa enjoys connecting with nature as much as possible, camping every chance she gets, baking Swedish cookies, eating Middle Eastern food and practicing yoga. 

  • Shelly Taskin

    Shelly Taskin

    International Student Advisor
    English in Action Tutor Program Coordinator 
    Thanksgiving Exchange Program Coordinator

    As the Programs Coordinator/International Student Advisor, Shelly’s immediate responsibilities include English in Action Tutor Coordinator, Orientation Assistant Program Coordinator, and I-Club Staff Advisor. Prior to working at the UC San Diego International Center, Shelly was a Program Representative and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Student Advisor at the English Language Institute at UC San Diego Extension. She grew up in South Dakota and graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO with a BA in Business Administration. Shelly also received her Professional Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from UC San Diego Extension, which prepared her for teaching English in Turkey. She loves meeting people from all over the world and learning about other cultures. In addition, Shelly enjoys traveling, making DVDs, and spending time with her family.

  • Isabel Matorell

    Isabel Matorell

    Intake Advisor

    Isabel received her M.A. in International and Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco. She completed her undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, where her appreciation for multiculturalism led her to pursue a double major in European Studies and French Language and Literature. Originally from Mexico, she moved to the United States when she was fourteen years old. Her own experience as an immigrant inspired her to pursue a career in International Education. She is particularly interested in international students cross-cultural integration and transition experience. During her undergraduate studies, she studied abroad in Grenoble, France, the capital of the Alps, where she fell in love with the city and its surrounding mountains. Isabel later returned to Grenoble to work as a high school English teacher for an academic year. She enjoys hiking, skiing, salsa dancing, and practicing capoeira. She has traveled to different countries in Latin America, Europe, and Africa, and is fluent in Spanish and French.

International Students & Program (ISPO) Student Staff

  • Jahmese Fort

    Jahmese Fort

    Graduate Student Assistant

    Jahmese is originally from Los Angeles, California. She is a third year PhD Communications student involved in diversity measures in the UCSD Office of Graduate Studies. She has travelled to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. In the future, she would love to travel to the African continent and Brazil. She enjoys jogging around Mission Bay and trying new pizza places as well as spending time with her family. Her single piece of advice for International Students would be to be proactive in building a supportive community to help you maintain your personal wellness and academic achievement while in San Diego. The five Campus Community Centers are great places to study, nap, relax, and meet new people. Because she enjoys a good laugh, if someone made a movie about her, she hopes the movie would have lots of humor.

  • Rebecca Han

    Rebecca Han

    Front Office Assistant

    Rebecca is a senior ERC student majoring in International Studies & Political Science. She has been involved with Student Council at ERC and Kappa Alpha Theta. After many years of studying French and dreaming about tarte tatin and macaroons, she studied abroad at Sciences Po Paris for six months. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, visiting places such as Thailand, Hungary, Hong Kong, Spain, and the Netherlands. Rebecca is passionate about helping international students and scholars find their place here at UCSD. She strongly encourages students to explore the different neighborhoods in San Diego, each with their own hidden gems.

  • Lauren Hulsey

    Lauren Hulsey

    Outreach & Volunteer Assistant

    Lauren ventured to California from Coppell, Texas to pursue a degree in International Studies. In addition to her studies, Lauren volunteers for English in Action as a tutor to international students and scholars. An avid traveler, Lauren has been to many countries in Europe, as well as Peru and Indonesia, and intends to study abroad later in her academic career. Until then, Lauren enjoys exploring San Diego’s restaurants or experimenting with new recipes herself as often as possible (especially if they’re from other cultures). As for assisting international students in acclimating to university life, Lauren would say that joining clubs and participating in activities is the best way to makes friends, experience American culture, and take advantage of exciting opportunities.

  • Becca Kim

    Becca Kim

    Front Office Assistant

    Originally from Pusan, South Korea, Becca Kim is studying History in Eleanor Roosevelt College. As a passionate global citizen, Becca has also traveled to Thailand, and plans to travel to Turkey this year, as well as study abroad before she graduates. When she’s not assisting international students at the Center or travelling across the globe, Becca enjoys collaborating with her peers in UCSD’s Korean Campus Crusade for Christ, frequenting the cliffs over Black’s beach, trying the diverse cuisine around San Diego, and hiking. Becca encourages fellow internationals to immerse themselves in American Culture. “It’s so easy to surround ourselves with people who are just like us, but that defeats the purpose of studying abroad,” she says. “By leaving our comfort zones, we truly get the full experience of being abroad and become more globally conscious.”

  • Rina Konishi

    Rina Konishi

    Programs/Communications Assistant

    Born and raised in Toyohashi, Japan; Rina is a third year Sixth college student majoring in International Studies-Economics. She is very involved in UCSD Japanese Student Association (JSA) as the Vice President External and at UCSD Extension as a conversation leader. Rina loves learning about culture through language and food and is currently learning Korean and trying to brush up on the Spanish that she learned in High School. Rina has been playing volleyball since Middle School and is captain of her own co-ed intramural team every Fall and Spring quarter. Because Rina’s family loves to travel, she has been to 9 different countries throughout her lifetime and hopes to make that list longer before she graduates. She also sees studying abroad in the near future as a necessity.

  • Lily Nguyen

    Lily Nguyen

    Front Office Assistant

    Lily is originally from Northern California, specifically the Bay Area. Studying at Sixth College and in her third year, she was a Sixth Orientation Leader for fall 2012, and is currently on Sixth College's Student Council. She is currently a member of UCSD's Kaibigang Pilipino. She is an applied mathematics major with an accounting minor but is hoping to pick up a computer science minor as well. She has traveled to Vietnam and would love to travel to Europe. One of her favorite things to do in San Diego is hike and explore San Diego to find scenic landscapes. Her favorite restaurant is The Mission. She recommends their amazing signature rosemary bread and potatoes. She is also on a never-ending mission to the best taco. She usually spends her free time cooking and baking. Her one piece of advice for international students would be to tell them, "You're not alone! I'm sure many students come to UCSD feeling alone, lost, and worried. It's normal to have those feelings, but it's also important to know that there are resources available and a whole support system just for you.� Her favorite place to relax on campus is The Zone. She especially enjoys the free tea they offer.

  • Young Yi

    Young Yi

    Administrative Assistant

    Young Yi was born in Gimchun, South Korea and raised in Seoul until she was ten years old. She then moved to Los Angeles. She studies in Revelle College, and has been involved with One-On-One student mentorship programs for two years as well as MCCE's high school student tutoring programs. She is studying Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts and Music (ICAM) and is in her fourth-year. Young has traveled to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, with her high school orchestra in 2008. She has also been to Tokyo, Canada, Paris and London. She enjoys San Diego's beaches and finds La Jolla Cove the most spectacular. Young enjoys traveling to new places and any type of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, snowboarding, and swimming. Her advice to International Students is to fear not and put yourself out there to encounter exciting experiences in a new surrounding positive or negative. They will all teach you something new and how to make smart choices in the future. She loves relaxing, studying, and napping in the Zone next to the Price Center Theatre especially because of the dog-petting, meditating, and back massage de-stress sessions.

  •  Yinan Zheng

    Yinan Zheng

    Social Media Assistant

    Yinan (ee) Zheng is a third year international student from Guangzhou, China. She is an International Studies - Political Science major and with a minor in Accounting. Yinan focuses on international affairs through her involvement in Global China Connection and UCSD Model United Nations Club. She fluently speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Yinan enjoys meeting and learning about people from different cultures and countries. She loves to travel and has been to China, Australia and several major cities in the U.S. She also enjoys taking pictures during her travels. Yinan loves finding new and interesting places to visit and spends her spare time watching movies from all around the world. She is very enthusiastic about helping international students to adjust to their new life in UC San Diego. She encourages international students to step out of their comfort zone and to meet different people to fully experience the diversity of UC San Diego.

  •  Ian Zou

    Ian Zou

    Digital Media Assistant

    Yiyang (Ian) Zou is a third year student in Biochemistry/Cell Biology major and Marshall Honor Program. He was born in Beijing, and attended high school in Palo Alto before coming to UCSD. Yiyang is most meticulous about two things: academics and photography. He is an aspiring pre-dental student, an amateur photographer, a senior research assistant at Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, and the president of Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). He hopes to make UCSD a better place through his work at ISPO and CSSA.

Triton International Leaders - Peer Leadership Program

  • Lia Baligod

    Lia Baligod

    Lia is a fourth year Warren student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish Literature. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Lia moved to the US when she was 9 years old and has lived in 4 different states since. As a first-year Triton International Leader peer mentor, she is also involved on campus in Student Health Advocates and Kaibigang Pilipino, UCSD's Filipino-American student organization. She enjoys meeting new people, traveling, playing music with friends, getting hugs, and is also an avid runner and certified yoga instructor. If you see her around, say hello!

  • Jillian Du

    Jillian Du

    Jillian is a 4th year Muir College student with a major in Environmental Systems and Policy and a minor in International Studies. Her original home is in the Bay Area, CA, but San Diego has now become a close second home. She spent a semester studying in the Wet Tropics region of Australia, has gone backpacking through New Zealand and Southeast Asia, along with a myriad of smaller trips through Europe and Asia. Jillian has spent her college years involved with UCSD's Student Sustainability Collective and the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, and will continue to work on the Associated Students (student government) this year. In her free time, you can find Jillian tossing a frisbee at the beach, hiking the outdoors, or cooking a delicious vegetarian meal.

  • Rainy Gu

    Rainy Gu

    Rainy is a third year Warren College student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business. Her hometown is Shanghai, China. She currently works at the International Center as a Peer Mentor with the Triton International Leader (TILs) Program. Her job is to help new international students to get involved on campus, and to answer their questions and help to adapt to life at UCSD in multiple ways. Having been to lots of countries, Rainy enjoys cross cultural communication. In her spare time, Rainy also enjoys reading novels and watching movies. She also loves doing archery on campus.

  • Jinglin Li

    Jinglin Li

    Jinglin Li is a second year ERC student majoring in Management Science and minoring in Dance. Her hometown is Nanjing, China. When she was little, she went to a lot of countries to perform as a cultural ambassador. During her Junior year in high school, she came to San Diego as an foreign exchange student for a year and studied in a local high school. She enjoys sharing her own culture and learning about different culture with people from all around the world. As a member of the Triton Leader, she hopes to help international students transit smoothly to their college life, and to give them useful suggestions when they encounter difficulties. In her spare time, she loves dancing and playing the piano. She also likes doing sports such as swimming, playing badminton and squash, Yoga and Pilates.

  • Doris Liu

    Doris Liu

    Doris is a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science. She finished her high school in China and came to UCSD in 2011. She is currently a research assistant at Rayner Eye-tracking Lab. She is applying to study abroad in Sweden. Doris has traveled a lot during vacations and she truly enjoys the time spent on vacation, especially when exploring different cultures. In her spare time, she loves listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies and cooking! As a TIL, Doris strongly encourages international students to participate in events/clubs on campus, especially those held by International Center!

  • Ethan Lu

    Ethan Lu

    Ethan is a second year student in ERC College and is a Math major. He was born and raised in Taiwan for most of his life. During high school, he moved to Kansas, then came to San Diego to have a awesome college life. During his free time, he likes to surf and go out to eat with friends.

  • Anam Majidi

    Anam Majidi

    Anam Majidi is a fourth year ERC student majoring in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. I was born in Anaheim (the Disneyland City), but grew up in Corona, CA. Anam's family has always been fond of traveling, especially to India since her parents are from there. In her childhood, she visited a multitude of places like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and London. As a more adventurous young adult finding her place in the world, she's visited Hawaii, and studied abroad in Turkey (most amazing experience ever!!!!!). At UCSD, Anam is the President of Pakistani Student Association. She is new to the TIL Program, and is hoping to bring her knowledge from being a Student Involvement Leadership Consultant in CSI to the International Center and help the international students feel comfortable on campus. Her favorite coffee spot in town is in the heart of campus: Muir Woods Coffeeshop! My favortie TV show of all time is Friends.

  • Alicia Powers

    Alicia Powers

    Alicia is a third year student in Warren College majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Theatre. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is currently a Triton International Leader mentor, resource, and friend to incoming international students. In addition to being a TIL, she works as a Student Involvement Leadership Consultant, Orientation Leader, and volunteers for the English-in-Action Tutoring program. Alicia is very involved on campus; she holds leadership positions in Nomads Theatre Company, Alternative Breaks, and works in a Cognitive Development lab. So she is a great resource for tons of different ways to become involved. Alicia loves learning about new cultures because education can involve trying delicious new foods, among many other perks. She has previous visited Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Next spring break, Alicia is planning to travel to the Philippines to service work for a social justice issue through Alternative Breaks. In her spare time, you can catch Alicia doing anything outdoors from trying a new hike to reading a book at La Jolla Shores. In the future, she would love to work for organization such as Teach For America or the Peace Corps to help people across the globe.

  • Carol Wong

    Carol Wong

    Carol is a fourth year Muir College student majoring in Psychology. She is from Pleasanton, California. Spent the majority of her childhood in Hong Kong, she is interested in learning about other cultures and hopes to travel the world when she is done with school. Carol is one of the recurring TIL mentors and is very excited to meet all the new faces. When she is not studying in Geisel, Carol enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and Tumblr. Carol believes that every UCSD student should go to the beach as much as possible. She learned one of the greatest lessons from Dory of Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming.