Welcome to the International Center Friday Cafe

The Friday Cafe is a place where international and domestic students, scholars, faculty and staff come together to celebrate cultural diversity and International Education across the globe.

friday cafe gathering of students
Each week the Friday Cafe takes us on a journey around the world exploring new cuisines, music, dance and more! Join us for a unique international experience that will transport you to all of the beautiful destinations we visit.

bouzouki guitarWORLD MUSIC

Dicover world music, by listening to traditional instruments played by internationally acclaimed musicians featured each week at the Friday Cafe.

red telephone boothCULTURE CORNER

Visit the culture corner and get an opportunity to meet our special guest ambassadors that represent each beautiful country. Take the opportnutiy to ask them questions and find out more about their experience and travel tips.

animated beaverINTERACT

Meet people from around the world and make new friends for life! The Friday Cafe brings together over 300 visitors each week in an engaging social and friendly environment.