The Friday Café provides a venue where international and domestic students, scholars, faculty, staff and the local community can come together to celebrate cultural diversity and international education. 

Want to treat a group?  Pre-purchase tickets for your department, student organization, or team through cash or department index. Contact clgiordano@ucsd.edu if you are interested in pre-purchasing tickets!

friday cafe gathering of students

Each week the Friday Café presents the opportunity to explore world cultures, cuisines, music and more.  Join us for this unique international experience! 

bouzouki guitar


Discover international music at the Friday Café.  Each week guests can enjoy background music from the featured country. 

red telephone boothCULTURE CORNER

Visit the Culture Corner for an opportunity to meet our UCSD guest ambassadors representing the featured country. Don't miss the chance to ask them questions about their home coutnry, hear about their experience and even recieve travel tips! 

animated beaverINTERACT

Meet people from around the world at the Friday Café!  The Friday Café brings together the campus and local community in a friendly environment where guests can meet people from around the world and make new friends.