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Translators & Interpreters on Campus

Do you need translation or interpretation services?

Use the contact information listed below and contact the translator directly to request services and to hire. Additional information on the translator and interpreter will help you to find the service provider who best meets your needs.

Would you like to offer translation or interpretation services?

Sign up to be hired as translator or interpreter. You must be a UC San Diego affiliate in order to register. All languages are welcome! Send us an e-mail with your name, language(s), contact information, specialty, and experience.

List of languages offered

Chinese (Mandarin)

English to Chinese (Mandarin)

Grace Liu yal025@ucsd.edu
Specialty: Education, Arts, Media & Communications
Experience: Born and raised in China with Chinese as first language; attended Chinese language school both in China and the United States for 5 years; studied abroad in Beijing in 2010. 

English to Chinese (Mandarin) or Chinese (Mandarin) to English

Yu Sun, sunyu922@hotmail.com
Specialty: Business and education
Experience: Native Chinese Mandarin speaker; near fluency in English. BA in English Language and Literature; more than 7 years bilingual English/Chinese teaching experience to kids and adults.  Flexible schedule.


French to English to French

Theresa Bagg, tbagg@ucsd.edu
Specialty: Business, Economics, Education, Science
Experience: Minor in French, lived and worked for three years in France


English to German

Simone Gieselman, simone@ling.ucsd.edu

Specialty: Ph.D candidate in the field of Linguistics
Experience: Native German speaker, worked on projects a.o. involving translation of medical brochures and translating transcripts


Spanish to English to Spanish

Lisa Rhodes, lmrhodes@ucsd.edu
Specialty: Education, Business, Legal
Experience: BA Spanish-Linguistics  Translator-Interpreter Federal and State Court San Diego (part-time); translate business and legal documents from Spanish-English and English to Spanish for Managing General Agency; each ESL private lessons for adults from Asia and to adults and children in community program

NOTE: The International Center does not certify translators or interpreters and assumes no responsibility for the quality delivered by the translator or interpreter. The translation and interpretation service itself, contents, confidentiality, quality, pricing and payment methods, is subject to the agreement reached between you as client and the translator or interpreter.