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Renaissance in Rome: Revelle Humanities 3 (Rome, Italy)

Professor John Marino
Dates Departure from U.S.: Fri., June 27, 2014
Arrival: Sat., June 28, 2014
Mandatory Orientation: Sat., June 28, 2014
First Day of Class: Mon., June 30, 2014
Last Day of Class: Fri., Aug. 1, 2014
Departure for the U.S.
(or personal travel):
Sat., Aug. 2, 2014

Flight Information

  • There is no group flight. Wait until the program is confirmed before buying your plane ticket.
  • Arrive to Rome, airport FCO on 6/28/14 between 9am – 1 pm in order to be picked up. Depart Rome, airport code FCO, on 8/2/14 at anytime.
  • Contact STA Travel if you would like assistance booking your flight.
Info Sessions
  • Tuesday, January 21 4:00-5:30 PM @ Revelle Conference Room A&B

Why you should go

The goal of the Renaissance in Rome Global Seminar is to explore an American experience in Rome through the lenses of art and literature. In addition to two rigorous academic courses, the students will experience many of the cultural wonders of Rome, including ancient ruins and monuments, museums, churches, and walking tours. This program will include site visits in and outside Rome and a trip to Florence to study churches, palaces, art, and the cities at the heart of the Renaissance in Italy.

Meet the professor

John Marino is a professor of Renaissance, Reformation, and early modern Italy. He has been studying and researching in Rome and Naples since 1974; and he has been a member of the UC San Diego History Department since 1979.

His books include Pastoral Economics in the Kingdom of Naples (1988); Becoming Neapolitan: Citizen Culture in Baroque Naples (2011); Good Government in Spanish Naples (1990); Early Modern History and the Social Sciences: Testing the Limits of Braudel's Mediterranean (2002); Early Modern Italy 1550-1796 (2002); A Renaissance of Conflicts: Visions and Revisions of Law and Society in Italy and Spain (2004); and Spain in Early Modern Italy: Politics, Society, and Religion, 1500-1700 (2006).

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